Paul Myles

Europe Correspondent

Based in the U.K., Paul covers news on technology, manufacturing and the environment.


Nissan Grows European EV Outdoor-Charging Network
Nissan already has built a comprehensive charging network with more than 4,600 quick chargers across Europe. The automaker plans to invest in supporting the installation of an additional 1,000 chargers over the next 18 months.
Electric Vehicles Set U.K. Sales Records in 2017
Registrations of low-emissions vehicles in 2017 increased more than 27% from the previous year to 46,522. In 2018, annual EV registrations could reach 60,000 for the first time.
CO2 Emissions Rise as U.K. Diesel Sales Fall
“If industry is to meet challenging CO2 targets, getting more of the latest low-emission diesels onto our roads is crucial, as they can emit 20% less CO2 than the equivalent gasoline models,” a U.K. industry executive says.
Morgan Enlists Help With Sporty Electric Vehicle
The EV3 claims a range of 120 miles (193 km) and promises what Morgan calls a hands-on, exhilarating driving experience not normally associated with electric vehicles.
Not So Fast on Hybrid Switch, Fleet Specialist Warns
Fleet software and management specialist FleetCheck claims that unless several policy issues are addressed, switching to plug-in hybrids actually could cause corporate emissions to worsen and fuel economy would take a hit.
Central London Drivers Facing Stiff Emissions Fees
London’s “T-Charge,” which took effect Oct. 23, hikes the daily cost of a journey into the city’s center by up to £21.50 for drivers of older, more-polluting vehicles.
Aston Martin to Craft Sports Cars at Historic Site
The brand’s Newport Pagnell facility in Buckinghamshire has been selected to produce DB4 G.T. Continuation cars – racing-track-only, lightweight-specification cars that take about 4,500 man-hours each to build.
Renault Says New GDI Engine Improved Across Board
The engine, developed jointly between the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and Daimler, claims better torque at low rpm and greater performance at high rpm, while reducing fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions.
PSA Takes Wraps Off Diminutive Hybrid 3-Wheeler
Dubbed the EU-LIVE, the 94-in.-long vehicle uses a plug-in hybrid-electric powertrain, two electric in-wheel motors and a gasoline internal-combustion engine.
U.K. Car Thieves Exploiting Keyless-Entry Systems
Thieves are using sophisticated signal scanning equipment to obtain a vehicle’s wireless entry code to steal cars parked in owners’ driveways.
U.K. Designer Sets Sights on Lightweight Seats
The project hopes to design and manufacture a new auto seat offering significant weight savings over conventional metallic seat structures while developing robust production methods including reduced process time.
Study Sees Shortcomings in U.K.’s EV Infrastructure
The study says there are 100,000 ultra-low-emission vehicles in the U.K. for only 4,615 charging stations. This equates to just one station every 53 miles. In contrast, there are gasoline stations available on average every 29 miles.
Citroen’s DS Luxury Brand Has Electrified Future
“At DS we believe we will reach one-third of our sales in hybrid- or full-electric in the early 2020s,” Director General Yves Bonnefont says. “This is five years ahead of what we used to think because I believe the uptake will become faster.”
U.K. Car Buyers Seek Friendsʼ, Relativesʼ Input
A survey by Cooper Solutions, a dealer management-services specialist, indicates 89% of new-car buyers admit their choice is heavily influenced by the reaction from their peers.
Trucking Groups Decry London Emissions Penalties
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has decided to move up by 17 months the effective date of a regulation imposing daily fines of £100 on owners of commercial diesel vehicles that fail to meet the latest Euro VI emissions standards.