Paul Myles

Europe Correspondent

Based in the U.K., Paul covers news on technology, manufacturing and the environment.


Design Student Floats Contest-Winning Mobility Idea
Yuchen Cai, 23, a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, created The Float as her vision of a car that will provide mobility while helping drivers be more open and social toward the outside world as autonomy becomes popular.
U.K. Motorists Send Mixed Car-Technology Messages
A survey for Continental Tires reveals more than 60% of drivers say they would be happy to see other motorists – not them – have the compulsory technology that prevents dangerous driving.
Electric Vehicles Spark Interest Among U.K. Drivers
Sainsbury’s Bank Loans’ latest Car Buying Index suggests recent U.K. government announcements designed to boost the switch to zero-emissions vehicles are convincing large numbers of motorists their future is electric.
European Suppliers’ Input Key to Chery SUV Concept 1
Chery says it has commissioned some of Europe’s top suppliers in the development of its SUV which will be the first to bear a new hood badge for global markets.
London Police Testing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooters
Beyond environmental benefits, the Burgmans could represent ideal pursuit vehicles to stem the flood of robberies, smash-and-grab-raids, vehicle theft and acid attacks being carried out by scooter-riding criminal gangs plaguing the city.
JLR Says All Models to Have Electric Variant By 2020
“Every new Jaguar Land Rover model line will be electrified from 2020, giving our customers even more choice,” CEO Ralf Speth says. “We will introduce a portfolio of electrified products across our model range, embracing fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid vehicles.”
Alcraft Turns to Crowd-Funding for High-Output EV
The Alcraft GT is promised to be a practical sports car boasting a 2+2 shooting-brake body style with 17.7 cu.-ft. of luggage space and a 300-mile (483-km) range between charges.
Aston Martin Strengthening Trade Ties With Japan
“As the world’s second-largest luxury-car market, Japan is key to our future plans as we completely revitalize and expand our product portfolio under our Second Century plan,” Aston Martin President and CEO Andy Palmer says.
Honda to Fit Electric Strategies to Varying Markets 2
The Tokyo government is demanding Honda and other Japanese automakers provide battery technology alongside hydrogen as a mass energy-storage solution.
Kia Teases Ceeʼd Premium Fastback-Hatchback Concept
The concept’s elongated coupe styling clearly aims at bringing a sporting edge to the C-segment car and probably targets younger, aspirational consumers.
Younger U.K. Drivers Turning on to Electric Vehicles
Results of the Populus polling firm’s survey will come as welcome news to the U.K. government following its announcement it intends to eliminate sales of internal-combustion-engine-powered cars by 2040.
U.K. Postal Service Testing Electric Delivery Trucks
Nine BEVs with ranges of up to 100 miles (161 km) and of varying sizes and payloads are part of the trials to distribute mail from the central London depot.
Low-Voltage EV Proves Durability in Zurich Testing 2
NanoFlowcell is running real-world trials of its Quantino 48V to showcase the technology as a cleaner, greener and less-costly alternative to lithium-ion-powered battery-electric vehicles.
Ford Moves to Put Cleaner Vehicles on U.K. Roads
The offer of between a £2,000 ($2,577) and £7,000 ($9,021) trade-in on a new Ford vehicle is available until Dec. 31. Ford’s plan is open to all engine types in vehicles produced before 2010.
Chery Swinging for Sweet Spot in European Market
Chinese automaker Chery plans to start selling cars in Europe within the next few years under a new nameplate. Its first offering will be a compact SUV “designed for young, urban, progressive-minded customers.”