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Webb Rowan

Senior business manager , The Smarter Finance Company

Skills: processing application data, comparing rates, finding deals

Career Summary:

Rowan Webb was born in 1982 to his parents who lived in Hawkes Bay, a rural part of New Zealand and grew up part of a big family with 3 other siblings and lots of cats, dogs, cows, pigs and plenty of sheep at their family home too. He studied at the Hereworth Boys’ School and proceed to attain his Cert IV in finance management at Lindisfarne College.

Since then, Rowan has moved to Sydney to work in the car industry in Australia, majoring in the management of finance and insurance for various vehicles and machinery for both personal and business purposes. In his last decade in this industry, he has definitely come to the height of proficiency when it comes to dealing with and managing car finances and he has branched out on his own with The Smarter Finance Company just a year ago. This new company is built on his expertise and knowledge of the industry, as well as his many connections with up to and over 12 vehicle manufacturers in the region including Nissan, Hyundai and Mitsubishi amongst others.

With these connections, Rowan’s new company - The Smarter Finance Company - is able to provide customers with more than exceptional service when it comes to car financing. The friendly and professional consultants here are able to give you more than just their passion for the best car financing deals in Australia, but their passion for cars too.  They’ll be able to help you find out more about the cars that you have your eye set on and work out the best car financing rates so that you can afford the extra features and options too.

The services are easily accessible and affordable to customers who need a helping hand in finding a good fit when it comes to funding a new or used car. Their specialty lies in being able to explain the many and varied types of car financing plans where it be a chattel mortgage or novated lease or even something more suited for a business purchase. You can definitely be assured that you will find the assistance you need so that you can sort through all the paper work and fine details of the applications when you trust the efficient and competent car financing sales consultants.

From the beginning of your partnership with The Smarter Finance Company, you can leave the requests for quotations up to us and we will follow up with comparisons and analysis of the different car financing rates that come back so that we can present to you the cream of the crop.

Let us do the legwork and give you the best figures at the end of the day so that you can focus on the more important things - your family or your business - while we help you to acquire the car of your dreams. 


Cert IV in finance management , Lindisfarne college 

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