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The Kidkraft large pastel kitchen is a creative product that can help you cook easily and quickly. It is often known to keep users busy while cooking great meals. Studies have shown that the product is specially fabricated for kids within ages three and above. There are several features that you can find when purchasing the kitchen large pastel set. This can be found in the likes of sink, a stove, freezer, microwave, and refrigerator.

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The product is basically designed with bright colors and other great features. In most cases, you will find the product weighing about 88.2 pounds and comes with a dimension of 42.2 x 16.2 x 42.9 inches. On this note, children will be able to have enough space to cook without any stress attached. The large pastel kitchen set is durable and heavy for use. It also comes with doors, knobs, and other great features. In general, you will be happy using the named product.

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