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Cameron Robertson

Storage Company Owner, Supercheap Storage Northern Beaches Facility

Skills: Storage, organizing, removal

Career Summary:

Starting out as a business owner is never easy, and boy does Cameron Robertson know it. He’s struggled through some wrong choices and a number of different jobs in different industries before finally finding the one role which he knows he will never leave.


Before discovering the Supercheap Self Storage Solution Franchisee opportunity, Cameron tried his hand out in the hospitality industry. Being a part of the beach tourism scene was an exciting job for the fresh graduate but after a year in the business, he felt that he really needed to do something that was a bit more serious and would work towards building himself a future.


After running through a bank and trying his hand at a landscaping business, Cameron found that he needed a business structure which provided him guidance as well as gave him the freedom to implement what he learnt and that’s where he learnt about being a franchisee for Supercheap Self Storage!


Cameron was determined to make this career work and he resigned himself to work from the bottom, starting within the outlets themselves and learning about the inner workings of the business, saving money all the while. In no time, Cameron had spent 4 years in the business and because he was still enthusiastic about the business, he knew he had finally found the job he had been looking for.


2 years in as a manager, Cameron knows that he made the right decision and continues to strive hard to flourish his outlet at Dee Why, New South Wales. There are lots of things happening at the outlet every day that needs his attention - from the shipment of the portable storage Dee Why out to customers for packing and loading to the new customers who want to know all about this fantastic storage business that gives them fantastic storage service at a super cheap price!


The transport guys and their vehicles are constantly on the move from the Dee Why facilities. With 3 timeslots for customers to choose from, our guys have to double up to make sure that they are raring to go for the first slow early in the morning from  7AM to 8AM. Our next 2 available timings for storage pod delivery is in the later part of the morning (9AM to 12noon) then in the afternoon after 12noon until 3PM. So all throughout the day, we’re a hustle and bustle of business!


At the same time, we’ve got customers on the phone lines and coming in through our doors because they want to find out about how we work. Because we’ve got such amazingly cheap prices, everybody wants to know whether we’ve got the quality service to back it up.


Well, not to worry, Cameron and his friendly consultants are more than happy to give you the walk through and help you with your own personalised and tailored storage plan that’s sure to fit your budget and your storage needs, whatever they may be.


Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University

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