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Brian Allan

Director, Business Development, Galpin Motors

Skills: Making things happen. Asking why.

Career Summary:

Brian started his automotive retail career in 1980 in Beverly Hills, California selling Lincoln, Mercury, Peugeot and Lotus vehicles while attending Cal State Northridge University. In 1985, Brian joined what became the Galpin Premier Collection. As Group General Manager at Galpin for the last 21 years, Brian opened and operated 9 of the Galpin family of brands including Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Spyker, Lotus, Mazda and Subaru franchises.

Every brand, if not #1 in the nation, has been consistently in the top 10 sales volumes and CSI ranking under his leadership. Each of these brands has received repeated recognition by the manufacturers for the highest achievements in sales and customer service performance.

After over 30 years with Galpin Motors, Brian was promoted to the Galpin executive team as Group Director, Business Development in February 2016. In his new role, Brian has direct responsibility to further retail innovation and improve business processes for all of Galpin’s business operations.

Brian Allan resides in the Hollywood Hills with his wife Karon and is a Los Angeles native.

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If a dealer wouldn't send a friend or family referral through their BDC sales process, why should they send any customer through it?