A Thai importer and distributor of supercars says he expects to sell exactly 28 used supercars – defined as costing TB40 million ($1.17 million) or more when new – in 2017, and he welcomes trade-ins.

Vittawat Chinabarramee, managing director of Niche Cars Group, tells the Bangkok Post his is the only authorized distributor of used supercars in the country that offers a maintenance guarantee. It distributes five supercar brands – Italy’s Lamborghini and Pagani, the U.K.’s McLaren and Lotus and Sweden’s Koenigsegg.

Niche Cars also sells U.K.-made Princess Yachts and U.S.-made Hummer SUVs.

Vittawat says his company sold 70 new supercars last year, mainly Lamborghinis and McLarens. He expects to make 60-70 new-model sales this year and 90 in 2018, when the new Lamborghini SUV becomes available.

The used supercars’ prices range from TB6 million ($176,000) to TB30 million ($881,000), with Niche Motors’ 2-year maintenance services and financial facility. Vittawat says he invites owners to trade in their supercars for new ones without regard to the vehicle’s age or mileage.

Vittawat says 300 to 500 new supercars are sold each year in Thailand, some through independent importers in the gray market. He notes sales don’t swing drastically, as supercars are considered to be collectibles.

As of last year, there were 547 registered Ferraris in Thailand, 501 Bentleys, 458 Lamborghinis, 254 Maseratis and 240 Lotuses, according to the Post.