This is one vending machine where shaking it won’t loosen the merchandise if it gets stuck.

That’s because it stands eight stories high, holds 30 cars and has four delivery bays.

Carvana, an online used-car retailer, has introduced its fifth Carvana Vending Machine in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX. Adapted from automated parking-structure technology, the machines take interactive car buying a step further.

Customers can search Carvana’s online inventory of more than 7,300 vehicles and purchase, finance and trade in a car online from their computer, tablet or mobile phone in as little as 10 minutes, Phoenix-based Carvana says in a news release.

Upon arriving at the vending machine the buyer drops a coin roughly 6 ins. (15 cm) in diameter into a slot and activates the vending process. A video on the Carvana website shows the car being moved sideways on its platform to an elevator, then lowered to ground level.

“No, you can’t shake it for a free one,” the video demonstrating the machine admonishes.

Vehicle pickup at any of Carvana’s car-vending machines is free. For customers living outside the Dallas metropolitan delivery area who still want to pick up their car at the machine, Carvana says it will subsidize $200 in airfare and arrange transportation from the Dallas airport.

Carvana vending machines also are located in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Nashville.