For the third consecutive year, Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. and Chevrolet teamed up to stage a series of August baseball camps in Oakland, Tampa and Detroit to teach children about the game of baseball and the game of life.

"Dealers can send kids to camp," says Silverado Brand Manager Rick Scheidt. "They've got a direct link. Regional marketing managers can help dealers take advantage of the program."

Potential ways that Chevy dealers can participate in future programs include contests, sending under-privileged children to the camp and sending children of parents who take a test drive or buy a vehicle.

Camps usually take place in the cities' major league ballpark.

Mr. Ripken, Chevrolet's Silverado spokesman, says the lessons learned at the camps can translate into other parts of life.

"You teach a work ethic, by doing it," says Mr. Ripken. "You start with instruction and direction. With that you create a passion, something fun. Then you enjoy doing the work."

Younger brother Billy Ripken, who also had a career as a major leaguer, is the lead instructor at the camps, taking over from their late father.

"When you take care of all the little things, like fundamentals, you never have a big thing to worry about," says the younger Ripken, quoting his father's mantra.