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Sep 22, 2017

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on Aug 26, 2013

As it readies its in-country production, Jeep's success doesn't bode well for BAIC, which has been dragging its feet in the 4X4 department, while trying to ramp up its 9-3 based sedan models.

on May 24, 2016

Cool video! Jeep's really amazing...

on Aug 30, 2013

Lutz is entertaining. His "nobody tells their boss he's an idiot" is all too true. Reminds me of telling my boss (at a tech company) he was not making the difference he promised (for the customer, the employees or the product) and he demanded "candor" and unvarnished truth ... and he demanded my resignation.

on Sep 23, 2013

His claim is laughable - at least on 'we will lose less money than Tesla'. Tesla is all about low-cost parts - and labor. GM obviously has far greater distribution and could conceivably move more Volt units - if people actually wanted them. Can the Volt claim it is Motor Trend Car of the Year? Maybe the Volt could first take on the Leaf before aiming for the Model S...

on May 26, 2017

Auto industry is gearing towards the clean and green environment. I wonder what it will be like few years down the road with all the clean & green stuff for a healthier earth.

on Jan 27, 2014

Reminds me of telling my boss (at a tech company) he was not making the difference he promised.

on Mar 17, 2014

I'll buy GM stock when they give back my dad's $50,000 in stock they stole from him in the taxpayer "bailout".

Screw Government Motors.

on Feb 11, 2016

Constitution First. I believe your disgust is misplaced. It was Obama that put GM through HIS version of a bankruptcy(which GM didn't need). It was Obama that screwed the bondholders, and rewarded the union. It was Obama that put HIS people on the GM Board and put price restrictions on finding new high management talent. It was Obama that forced hundreds of dealers to close, mostly in red states. It was Obama who took an equity stake in GM, and then sold it for a $10B loss. It was Obama that forced GM to get rid of Pontiac. Thanks for listening.

on May 2, 2017

Ten years from now, you'll still be blaming everything on Obama. Ten years from now, you'll still be just as misinformed.

on Sep 13, 2014

Those 3D printers are awesome. I wish I was smart enough to use one. The possibilities are endless. It would be great for my 1/18 model making. Now if they were cheap enough and I was smart enough I’d be in business.

on Sep 24, 2014

A 6-speed I-4 in a pickup that gets 27mpg...Way to go GM (and Wards for the propaganda)!

Not Impressed

on Mar 24, 2015

Volkswagen Group, which has struggled with high costs at its core VW brand, surprised analysts Thursday with strong third-quarter earnings boosted by its global subsidiaries, lifting the stock price of Europe's biggest carmaker...that's really impressive!

on Nov 30, 2014

All good information to have, but not one that really interests me in the least this time around. He's had better presentations before and with far more exciting news. Could be time for him to start digging out old tapes from storage so that he can do a bit of comparison. Now wouldn't that make for a show...

on Jan 2, 2015

The cars on this John McElroys video are incredible!!!
John McElroy is great and very popular man in the world.

on Mar 4, 2015

How's that water injection system work in freezing weather?

on Mar 27, 2017

with methanol added. :) Just like everyone else uses.

on Mar 4, 2015

@ras1500 with some additives to the water?

on Apr 11, 2015

I really enjoy simply reading all of your web blog. Simply wanted to inform you that you have people like me who appreciate your work. Definitely a great post.

on Jul 1, 2015

Well, the autopilot Google cars are limited to 25mph... but is this limit also if you take the control of the car, or the limitation is for the autopilot only? As it seems stupid to get a car which is sooo slow all the time...

on Aug 3, 2015

I found this website awesome , the vehicle related news are upto the mark and I would like to get more like this.

on Aug 3, 2015

When would the next update coming?

on Aug 3, 2015

Autoline Daily is updated weekdays around noon ET.

on Nov 28, 2015

As it readies its in-country production, Jeep's success doesn't bode well for BAIC, which has been dragging its feet in the 4X4 department, while trying to ramp up its 9-3 based sedan models.

on Dec 7, 2015

The most business sense regarding Buick is to eliminate the brand from the US market altogether. The only market keeping Buick alive is China, so make Buick a Chinese brand and finally put the obsolete brand to rest here.

on Dec 7, 2015

The most business sense regarding Buick is to eliminate the brand from the US market altogether. The only market keeping Buick alive is China, so make Buick a Chinese brand and finally put the obsolete brand to rest here.

on Feb 11, 2016

VFRMan, Buick outsold Cadillac in the U.S. in 2015, by 47,788 units, with one less model than Cadillac. Buick is fine. Thanks for listening.

on Dec 7, 2015

Sean and John, do you guys have to bounce your heads around so much while talking? I get dizzy watching you on Autoline daily.

on Dec 10, 2015

It is a good platform to follow up-to-date news should you be keen in knowing the latest happenings in the industry. Topics that the automobile market covers are definitely extensive and every subject matter differs. The common issues include car finance and insurance handling which occurs on a daily basis.

on Dec 18, 2015

Mystery car => Lincoln Continental

on Jan 25, 2016

Just wondering ... Why there is no link to here??

on Feb 3, 2016

I'd like to ask Mr. Lutz how he feels about the Viper going away again, and why it never was market success. Even the latest, and arguably, the best Viper to date hasn't done well.

While Chevy sold nearly 7,000 Corvette Z06 models in 2015, the Viper can't even break 1,000 units per year. What did SRT / FCA do wrong?

on Oct 6, 2016

Maybe it's the price point that is keeping people from buying??

on Feb 22, 2016

If VW is going to have to pay fines through environmental improvements such as EV charging stations wouldn't the money be better spent by having them create hydrogen stations instead? Seems a lot of charging stations sit idle now. Since the hydrogen infrastructure is be needed to support future hydrogen vehicle development that money would be money better invested into the environmental future of the planet and the automotive industry.

on Oct 6, 2016

I agree- need to get moving on Hydrogen fueled cars that emit Water Vapor as their exhaust!

on Jun 1, 2016

Racing bodies cant understand why the ratings are down? Its simple. Its hard to watch a race when there seems to be 10 minutes of commercials every 5 laps. Its bad enough to be force fed the sponsors on everything at the track, the cars and then have to watch constant commercials. In the world of NASCAR there seems to be only two drivers. Kyle Bush and Danica Patrick. If they wreck on the first lap and are out of the race they are still talked about constantly thru the rest of the day. Then the constant rule changes by NASCAR has confused everyone including the drivers. It has become more about the money than the actual racing. I finally got tired of it and have not watched a race in two years.

on May 8, 2017

It's not racing anymore. That went away back in the early '70's. Now it's just a high speed freight billboard/train running around an oval (or otherwise). Restrictor plates? F1 computer controlled everything (might as well make them autonomous), etc. What ever happened to run what ya brung? There is no "racing" anymore. product placement that's all it is. :)

on Jun 2, 2016

De Tomaso Pantera?

on Jun 9, 2016

Car on the back of the Citroën DS hauler is a Jaguar Series 1 E-type/XKE coupe.

on Jun 9, 2016

Seems to me that an autonomous car is simply a car that doesn't require input from the driver, other than to tell it what the destination is. But nobody's talked about what the autonomous car does with itself while the occupant of the vehicle is out of it. Does it find itself a parking space? Does it drive back to its original starting point? Does it circle the block? How does the occupant of the vehicle summon it to have the car pick its occupant back up? If we're talking ride sharing, is this a variation on car pooling? How long with the first occupant of the vehicle tolerate having his commute lengthened by the autonomous car picking up other passengers going to the same destination. Same question going home again.
Will autonomous cars be programmed to know the speed limit on a specific road and not exceed it? How will the occupant of this a/c tolerate having the car dawdle along in the right lane as everyone else whizzes by in the lane(s) the left?

on Jul 29, 2016

Should "profit margin" be construed as gross or net return on revenue (as opposed to return on investment)? At ~2%, in either case, would these dealers still be sustainable enterprises without their backshop operations?

As long as it remains sustainable (profitable) for its franchisees the OEs are better off supporting the current system for auto retailing. OEs have their hands full as it is without taking on this uncharted link in the chain. (Disclosure: this writer has immediate family who is a retired dealer.)

on Nov 15, 2016

Sean, the new Buick Lacrosse does NOT have Magnetic Ride Control as the up-level adaptive suspension. It has the ZF Sachs CDC system on it. Magnetic Ride Control can be tuned to ride as soft or as firm as you wish! That's the basis for an adaptive suspension system!

on Dec 8, 2016

RE; Story on Scania and inductive charging. There are several companies producing inductive charging systems for buses including Momentum Dynamics and WAVE. Long Beach Transit just purchased 10 all electric buses from BYD with the WAVE system.

on Feb 8, 2017

Hi John,
I wish there was a way to watch previous Autoline Daily shows (like the previous 6 or 7 shows).
Links to the previous 7 shows, for example, would be great.
If there is a way present here already, I don't see it.
Thank you.

on Feb 8, 2017

Coolman, although WardsAuto is unable to carry back episodes of Autoline Daily, you can find them

on Feb 23, 2017

A reference to Issac Newton’s third law of motion: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

35 percent lower rate front springs/28 percent lower rate rear springs
75 percent lower rate hollow front sway bar/44 percent lower rate rear sway bar
Drag-tuned Bilstein Adaptive Damping Shocks

Rear = F/F and Front = F/S
F/F – F/S maintained @ wide open throttle (WOT)
F/F – F/F < WOT
Traction control disabled/ESC maintained

on Jun 2, 2017

You stated that Ford 2017 May sales were down 2% but Ford reports sales increase for May by 2.2%. This error also caused you to keep Ford from your list of companies that had a sales increase. You usually do a great job so I don't know how this error was made.

on Jun 2, 2017

There was one more selling day in May 2017 than May 2016. On a daily selling rate basis, the most accurate way to report sales, overall Ford sales were down, not up.

on Jun 22, 2017

Your website is terribly informative and your articles are wonderful.

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