Toyota’s fun-in-the-sun-themed ad basks in first place in’s ranking of the most-viewed automotive commercials – the ads that have racked up the highest number of impressions across national broadcast and cable TV airings.

The first-place ad for the week of May 7 proclaims “Summer starts here!” – that is, at Toyota dealerships where, for a limited time, customers can get interest-free financing for 60 months on an ’18 Highlander.

At No.2 is Honda’s commercial that explains how the ’18 Clarity plug-in hybrid works; besides the battery option, the car has a backup gasoline engine, giving it 340 miles (547 km) of range.

Third place goes to Infiniti’s “Avengers: Infinity War” integration in which a couple starts their QX50 with help from Amazon’s Alexa and then races across town, pulling up to the theater just in time to catch the superhero flick.

Chevrolet takes fourth place with a new take on its “real people (not actors)” series. But this time it’s real new couples who are being shown the three versions of the SUVs Chevy has to offer: one for when they move in together, the next for when they have their first child and the third for an even larger family.

This humorous ad has the best iSpot Attention Index (152) in the ranking, getting 52% fewer interruptions than the average auto ad (interruptions include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV).

Lincoln rounds out the chart with a soothing spot narrated by Matthew McConaughey. In his voiceover, he urges viewers not to mistake serenity for weakness, adding that even though the MKX has a 335-hp turbocharged engine, it offers a relaxing interior for every driver. is a real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from more than 8 million smart TVs.

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1. Toyota: Summer Starts Here: Rewind

225,652,976 Impressions, 89.44 Attention Score, 103 Attention Index, $2,868,254 Est. TV Spend

2. Honda: Beyond the Battery

218,437,481 Impressions, 93.83 Attention Score, 143 Attention Index, $4,373,834 Est. TV Spend

3. Infiniti: Avengers: Infinity War

188,642,784 Impressions, 85.76 Attention Score, 76 Attention Index, $3,577,378 Est. TV Spend

4. Chevrolet: New Couple

182,089,023 Impressions, 94.83 Attention Score, 152 Attention Index, $3,684,078 Est. TV Spend

5. Lincoln Motor Company: Spring Sales Event: Quiet Tranquility: 2018 MKX

164,018,458 Impressions, 77.97 Attention Score, 49 Attention Index, $4,163,341 Est. TV Spend

TV Impressions - Total TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.
Attention Score - Measures the propensity of consumers to interrupt an ad play on TV. The higher the score, the more complete views. Actions that interrupt an ad play include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV.
Attention Index - Represents the Attention of a specific creative or program placement vs the average. The average is represented by a score of 100, and the total index range is from 0 through 200. For example, an attention index of 125 means that there are 25% fewer interrupted ad plays compared to the average.
Est. National TV Spend - Amount spent on TV airings for the brand’s spots.