LONDON – McLaren will launch a new V-8 engine to power its second-generation Super Series boasting a standing quarter-mile (0.4 km) sprint time of just 10.3 seconds.

Without releasing horsepower figures for its 4.0L V-8, the British specialist hypercar manufacturer claims the McLaren Super Series to be launched at next month’s Geneva auto show will also accelerate to 124 mph (200 km/h) in just 7.8 seconds.

Factory coded the M840T, the motor employs ultra-low inertia, twin-scroll turbochargers that will spool up quicker than previous designs to reduce turbo lag and provide quicker throttle response.

Much attention has been given to the “street cred” exhaust note that McLaren says is  “achieved through a sophisticated balance of harmonics and delivering a “crescendo characteristic” depending on engine speed and load.

Owners also are encouraged to pop the hood to reveal a cast-aluminum air-intake plenum with McLaren’s Speedmark logo on top of the V-8 lump sitting in an illuminated engine bay.

“The new 4.0L M840T is an outstanding engine powering an exceptional supercar,” says Haydn Baker, McLaren Super Series vehicle-line director. “Power, torque and throttle response are all significantly enhanced compared to the first-generation Super Series, yet with fuel efficiency and emissions also notably improved.”

More details of the second-generation McLaren Super Series, including engine and performance specifications, will be confirmed March 7 in Geneva.