The Australian auto industry claims its first victory in its fight to have vehicle repairers use new genuine parts.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries says the giant Insurance Australia Group will urge repairers to use new parts from car brands’ authorized dealers. The industry group now wants the wider insurance industry to follow IAG’s lead.

“This move by IAG sends a strong signal to consumers and to the insurance and motoring industries,” FCAI CEO Tony Weber says in a statement. “Today, we are a step closer to safer roads, safer cars, better repairs and the best in quality parts for Australian drivers.”

The policy change comes as engineering tests undertaken by the FCAI’s “Genuine is Best” initiative continue to show the dangerous inferiority of non-genuine and counterfeit parts.

Weber says new genuine parts sourced from an automotive brand's authorized dealer are the safest, highest-quality, most readily available and easiest-to-use option for vehicle repairs.

IAG’s move serves as a reminder for car owners to review their insurance policies to ensure only genuine parts are used in repairs, he says.

“The FCAI is calling for car owners to review their product disclosure statements and find out exactly what their insurer’s policy is on genuine parts,” Weber says. “If your insurer cares about your safety, genuine parts should be used in every vehicle repair.”