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At Long Last, Tom Doll Gets Top Spot at Subaru
“You know, it’s been long enough; they should make him the CEO,” Subaru dealer George Glassman said last year.
Auto Sales Expected to Fall, But Industry Keeps Cool 4
Not so long ago, when prospective annual sales were off by a few hundred thousand units – let alone 700,000 – headlines would scream, analysts would predict the end of civilization as we know it and automakers would knee-jerk so hard they required arthroscopic surgery.
Different Words Matter to Different Car Shoppers
“Power” is a high converter across different demographics, including women, Generation X and college graduates, but not so much parents.
Calling a Spade a Spade, and a CUV an SUV
Many CUV buyers think they bought SUVs, and automakers are fine with letting them believe that.
The Magic Number: $3 a Gallon 1
Over the past 10 years, fuel economy, more than any other purchase consideration, has slid up and down the importance scale.
‘This Car Is Amazing!’ So What?
New CDK research identifies top words and phrases that are more likely to convert a car shopper into a buyer. (“Amazing” ranks low.)
To NHTSA: Let There Be Light 2
An advanced headlight system still awaits government approval, leaving an auto supplier a bit impatient.
Today’s Auto Dealer Revolution Traces Back to Saturn 1
It was billed as “a different kind of car company.” In lasting ways, it was.
Minivans Could Become Self-Driver of Choice
A stalwart people mover, sometimes scorned as square today, could rule the roads of tomorrow and make occupants feel right at home.
Virtual-Reality Check: Will Car Dealership Shoppers Go for VR Goggles? 1
Human wiring includes a sense of reluctance to do things we don’t want to do.
Does Fiat Chrysler Employ Racketeers? 2
“I bet they’re all shaking in their boots over the upcoming deposition.”
Shocking News: Dealers Don’t Give It Away 5
Car dealer loan “markups” do not cost U.S. consumers $26 billion a year, but that’s what Sen. Elizabeth Warren keeps saying.