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Editor of WardsAuto Dealer Business magazine, Steve writes about automobile dealers and retail practices.


Exec With ‘Love’ of Software New DealerSocket CEO
In a WardsAuto Q&A, DealerSocket’s new chief talks about where she sees the company headed, whether it will go global and more.
NYC Dealer Trade Group’s New Chairman Big on Training, Education 1
The Greater New York Automobile Dealers Assn. has been in the forefront of trying to ease the chronic shortage of qualified auto technicians.
Digital Auto Retailing Undergoing Another Transformation
Opinions differ over what will or won’t work. Example: “Click-to-Buy” buttons on some dealership websites. Users Rate Vehicles, Dealerships – and Now Individual Salespeople
In a WardsAuto Q&A, CEO Alex Vetter talks about the power of reviewing salespeople and whether it puts newbies at a disadvantage.
At Age 41, Honda Accord Looks, Feels and Drives Great 2
You could say it should be good after 10 shots at it. But that would be cynical. And unfair, because the Accord just keeps getting better.
Days Over for Stocking Used-Car Lot By Gut Instinct
“Managing a used-car inventory is a science today,” dealer Sam Slaughter says during an Autoline Spotlight video presented by WardsAuto. The program focuses on various aspects of wholesale dealer lending.
Five CRM Mistakes Dealerships Should Avoid 2
Get personal. “It’s not good enough to send e-mails to every customer saying, ‘We’re dealing through the ceiling,’” says Mark Vickery of VinSolutions.
Automotive Author Tackles Topics Some Dealers Don’t Want to Talk About 2
The industry is “confronting a challenged and uncertain future,” says Dale Pollak, who has written a new book on obstacles and opportunities shaping auto retailing’s future.
Auto Dealers Should Avoid Asking the Obvious
“The cardinal sin of building a relationship is asking someone something about themselves that you already know,” says Scott Miller, CEO of Vision Critical.
Prospects of Car-Dealership Work Scare Off Many Job-Seekers
Total car dealership employee turnover in general is 40%, but is 67% in sales, where working on commission without a guaranteed income scares away both jobholders and job seekers, a staffing study says.
Lightning-Fast Dealership Follow Ups Can Creep Out Customers
Leads that are followed up within 15 minutes to an hour show the highest appointment-conversion rates, according to a TrackBack analysis.
A Hurricane Is Coming, Let’s Go Car Shopping 1
AutoPulse tracking technology detects an unexpectedly high number of dealership visits just before Harvey and Irma came to town.
Car-Shopping Activity Takes a Holiday of Sorts on Columbus Day Weekend
“In general, we see an increase in holiday-weekend shopping,” says James Grace, a senior director at Cox Automotive.
NADA Steps Up Opposition to Stair-Step Incentives 4
“Any dealer who’s had to deal with these programs can tell you that they are not only trust killers, they’re brand killers, too,” says Mark Scarpelli, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Assn.
Genesis G70 New Kid on Block Plays Grown-Up Role
It’s a solid newcomer from a relatively new brand, but it won’t be easy trying to take market share away from the big boys.