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Car2Go Reports Big Gain for One-Way Car-Sharing Service
North America’s one-way car-sharing service, Car2Go, saw a significant increase during the first six months of 2017.
Flying Cars Coming, But There’s Work to Be Done
Analysts are relatively bullish about the prospects for flying cars, envisioning their initial use by mobility services that will help business travelers dodge congested city traffic, then expanding to more personal use as fully autonomous models arrive.
Ford’s Ranger Dominates Pickup Segment in Asia-Pacific Region
Sales of Ford’s hit pickup continue to rise as consumers’ needs evolve toward a versatile vehicle that can be used for both work and play.
Continental, Magna Go Driverless to MBS 1
The first cross-border demonstration of its kind allows Continental, Magna, the MDOT and the MTO the opportunity to test automated driving technology in a variety of settings.
Top 100 Auto Suppliers Could Suffer in Electrification Shift
The shift toward electrification potentially could affect three-quarters of the world’s top 100 automotive suppliers.
Ford Jolts Police Segment With Pickup Option 1
With the broadest lineup in the industry, Ford expects its police-vehicle market segment to soar further with the addition of the’18 Ford F-150 Police Responder.
Toyoda Gosei, Toyota Develop New Side Airbag
Toyoda Gosei and Toyota create a new side airbag for use in a variety of models, regardless of whether they are small or large.
Honda Expects to Maintain Market Share with Accord
The sleek new shape of the sedan is one of Honda’s strategies in dealing with declining midsize car sales.
Ride Sharing Tops Car Sharing, Taxis Among Consumers
Users find ride sharing more convenient than car sharing.
Limited Tungsten Edition Moves Ram Further Upmarket
Many features offered in the all-new ’18 Ram Limited Tungsten also are available in premium-priced cars and SUVs. But, affluent truck buyers know the new generation of luxury pickup trucks offers hard-working capability no passenger car can match.
Valeo Unveils Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning Global Research Center
Valeo launches, the first global research center in artificial intelligence and deep learning, to continue to the development of automated vehicles.
Autonomous Technology Problematic to Customers 1
Customers’ experiences with autonomous technology could determine whether or not they will give up driving control.
Ford Adds Off-Road FXT Package to ’18 Expedition Mix
More than 20% of Expedition owners use their SUV for off-road adventures. With that being said, Ford introduces the all-new ’18 Expedition FX4 Off-Road Package, calling it the most off-road-capable Expedition ever.
FCA Announces Dealer-Allocation Plan for ’18 Demon
Dealers can begin ordering a Demon as early as Wednesday if they sold more than one Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in the past 12 months, but can order only as many Demons as they are allocated.
Auto Colors Going Blue in ’21 Model Year
BASF unveils its top color predictions for the ’21 model year vehicles during its annual Automotive Color Trends Show. This year’s overall theme is Translucid, which represents future developments of upcoming automotive trends.