John Stephens

Senior Vice President-Dealer Services,
EFG Companies
20 19

John Stephens is executive vice president of Dealer Services at EFG Companies, focusing on optimizing profitability and supporting the use of finance and insurance products and services. He can be reached at 972-445-8910 and


Steps to an Effective Compliance Platform
The key to making compliance easy is identifying a services platform that leverages a methodical, common-sense approach.
Time to Take F&I Online
Use time during the sales plateau to tweak dealership F&I practices.
Minimizing the Rising Cost of Compliance
It’s easy to conclude that with even greater federal oversight in auto finance, compliance costs have continued to grow, further constricting dealership profit margins. The fact is, compliance isn’t going away.
Ready, Set, Go! Clock Is Ticking
Other than driving the car off the lot, the F&I process can be the most pleasurable part of the transaction for the customer.
How Auto Dealers Can Build Compliant Online Presence
In boosting online presence, don’t overlook compliance, especially when leveraging online reviews.
Stay Ahead of the Trends to Grow
Pent-up demand is virtually gone, and lenders are pulling back from subprime credit. It’s time for dealers to review other parts of their business to maintain profitability.
Leverage F&I Through Economic Change
Smart dealers need to start evaluating how to keep their margins from shrinking during the next market downturn.
The Connection Between F&I and Service Drive
Understanding the relationship between F&I and the service drive can boost dealership profitability exponentially, despite today’s market pressures.
Managers Who Can Make or Break Car Dealerships
The F&I manager must be an experienced orator, marketer, active listener – and more.
Complexities of Compliance
Even a small investment in compliance training now can save a dealer thousands in legal fees later.
Achieving Your Training ROI 1
Studies show the two biggest reasons for employee turnover are limited advancement opportunities and lack of training for a specific role. But investing time in training and sharpening the team’s skills also should pay off in improved results.
Take Stock of Your Dealership’s Transparency 3
It’s time to provide more transparency in the auto-buying process.
Compliance: Don’t Get Complacent
Compliance doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t have to result in less profit, either.
Establish an F&I Culture in Your Dealership 2
Training the sales team on F&I products, features and customer benefits, as well as the value to the dealership as a whole, will ensure a smoother transition to the F&I manager.
Understanding Millennials
Millennials saw parents and siblings lose jobs, homes and cars during the recession, and the thought at the front of their mind is “I don’t want that to happen to me.”