John McElroy


John is editorial director of Blue Sky Productions and producer of "Autoline" for WTVS-Channel 56 Detroit and "Autoline Daily" the online video newscasts.


The Impending EV Fiasco 12
Where are all the BEV buyers going to come from? California and its cohorts are mandating sales in their markets grow from roughly 60,000 BEVs to more than 1 million a year.
Rewarding Management for the Wrong Reasons
All these problems are laid out in detail in a book titled, “Leadersh!t.” Yes, it’s a crude title but it sure does get the point across.
Time for Ford to Revamp Its Board
Investors buy stock based on their expectations of future earnings. GM is showing them a clear path to how it’s going to make money with connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles. Ford can’t convince Wall Street it has a viable plan.
New Opportunities for Luxury Brands
As the auto industry evolves into a world of ride-sharing and mobility, customer loyalties will flow to those who bring more personal service and memorable experiences into every aspect of their lives.
GM Sees Fortune In Shared Autonomous Vehicles
GM says it can achieve profit margins of 20% to 30% in the autonomous ride-sharing business, versus today’s corporate average of 8%.
The Environmental Downside of BEVs 3
It takes so much energy to make batteries the Union of Concerned Scientists says BEVs with a 250-mile (402-km) range start out life with a carbon footprint 68% higher than a piston-engine car.
When Scale Becomes a Disadvantage
GM is bragging to analysts that it still can deliver a net profit of $4 billion to $6 billion even if U.S. sales drop 25%.
Next Disruptor: On-Demand Urban Aviation 2
As automakers invest heavily in mobility services, not wanting to be left behind, they need to be aware their new technology could be usurped by even newer technology.
Planning for Peak Auto 4
It may be time to start thinking about Plan B and a world where we won’t need as many cars.
Why Wall Street Is Wasting Its Time
Automakers and suppliers are investing heavily in electrification, autonomy and mobility services, and the payoff could be huge. But not in this decade.
Internal Combustion Engine Far from Dead 6
Because it takes 20 years to turn the fleet over, the ICE will be around until at least the middle of this century, and probably beyond that.
What’s Really Going on With CAFE
No matter what Trump does, the U.S. standards will continue to get tougher every single year until 2022.
Give Up Driving? Not in My Lifetime
The new cars rolling off assembly lines today will not be completely off the road until 2037.
Two Tidbits From CES 5
It was comforting for me to hear several experts predict hack-proof cars are right around the corner. And it was eye-opening to hear the cost of electric-vehicle batteries are coming down far faster than anyone expected.
Pitfalls, Opportunity and the Big Mobility Shakeout
The history of the auto industry shows almost all new technologies get whittled down to a handful of global suppliers who then get caught up in a cost-cutting race to the bottom.