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Google’s Waymo Self-Driving Car So Good It’s Boring
Being predictable and communicating well may not sound exciting, but it is great for building trust, whether you are talking about humans or machines.
Stinger Is Moonshot for Kia Brand
The 167-mph Stinger takes Kia to a whole new level in the hierarchy of global automakers.
Yanfeng Automotive Opens New Michigan Headquarters
The new headquarters will be involved with many Yanfeng components, but it will be the center for instrument panel engineering and testing.
Durango SRT Delivers UX for Driving Enthusiasts
Constantly improving ADAS and human-machine interfaces are making automated driving possible, but FCA shows us clever UX design can make driving fun and engaging for as long as we want.
Continental Unleashing Torrent of Tech at Frankfurt
Technology that can look into drivers’ eyes and read their mind (well, almost), dazzling audio systems that don’t use speakers and wireless inductive charging systems for battery-electric vehicles are just a few examples of the deluge coming from the auto supplier.
Weak Charging Infrastructure May Stall EV Growth 5
The growing number of EVs, coupled with lengthy charge times and the inability of many EVs to accommodate various types of fast chargers could lead to 1970s style gas lines at charging stations in the future.
Kiefer Introduces the Changing GM
The Chevrolet Bolt battery-electric vehicle was designed specifically for autonomy, and GM is the first company to actually build an autonomous vehicle in a high-volume factory, Kiefer says.
New Mobility Could Change Future CAFE Rules 1
Both sides seem to realize new trends in personal mobility – not politics – may make the 45-year-old CAFE standards obsolete.
Cruze Diesel Shines as Long-Distance Runner 6
We averaged 50.9 mpg (4.6 L/km) over 252.4 miles (406 km) of mostly highway driving, exceeding EPA estimates of 31/47 mpg (7.6-5.0 L/100 km) city/highway.
Auto Engineers See Future CAFE Rules Easing 2
Survey results represent a major change in thinking among many key people who create new cars and trucks in the U.S., almost certainly the result of last year’s election.
Toyota: ‘Electrification Doesn’t Mean Death of IC Engine’
Toyota is developing many powertrains for the future, including a fuel-cell system for heavy-duty commercial trucks, but remains bullish on its latest internal-combustion engines.
Pacifica, Prius Liftgate Win ‘Enlighten’ Awards
Innovative lightweight solutions are recognized in several categories.
Steering Wheels May Go Away but Tires Here to Stay
Mega-Supplier Continental is investing heavily in electrification and autonomous technology, but still sees a bright future for “boring” car tires.
Ford Sales Slide but High-Profit Trucks Soar
While sales are down, the revenue side of the equation is much brighter, with continuing strong sales of high-profit SUVs, CUVs and fullsize pickups pumping up average transaction prices by $1,800.
Latest User Experience Includes Roof-Mounted Drone
The drone demo is a way for Mitsubishi Electric to simulate how its latest FLEXConnect.AI infotainment platform is able to run multiple displays from different sources from a single head unit.