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A Mini for the Masses
The Countryman is the biggest, most practical Mini ever. There’s no need to shoehorn passengers into the back seat or leave the cargo at home. And the Small CUV isn’t missing any of the brand’s fun-to-drive DNA.
Software Validates, Qualifies Test Drivers to Cut Sales Process Time
A new dealership tool from eLEND Solutions takes information scanned in from a customer’s driver’s license, looks for red flags and gets the F&I process started while the potential buyer takes a test drive.
The Big Story: Surviving the Plateau
New-vehicle sales are softening, inventories are piling up and pricing pressure is increasing. Here’s what automobile dealers can do to make sure profitability isn’t affected.
Trucks, Lincoln Sales Among Bright Spots for Ford in February
Cars continue to be a drag on the automaker’s overall results, with U.S. sales off 24% in the month, but the shift to utilities and pickups helped Ford draw $1,900 more per vehicle from buyers than year-ago.
Cox Automotive Integration Tricky But Progressing, Execs Say
The people part is done, insiders say. Now it’s on to the really hard stuff, figuring out what systems and services to tie together and how.
Toyota Passes Sales Milestone, Plans to Push Affordable Hybrids in U.S.
The automaker hopes to duplicate the market success of its RAV4 strategy with new packaging and pricing for the Highlander Hybrid.
Study: Consumers Ready to Buy EVs If Product Right
A high percentage of U.S. vehicle buyers seriously consider battery-electrics and plug-in hybrids, but don’t pull the trigger because they can’t find a product that precisely fits their needs, McKinsey & Co. says.
Ford Expedition Goes Aluminum for ’18
The automaker packs the ’18 Expedition with technology, including more than 40 features and driver-assist systems it says are new to the model.
FCA U.S. Sales Suffer Double-Digit Decline 2
A reduction in fleet volume and the phase-out of some outgoing models at Jeep and Chrysler helped to curb deliveries in January.
Toyota: No Regrets on Mexico Sourcing Plans 4
Prices of the Camry sedan, the vehicle with the highest U.S. content, would jump about $1,000 if a border tax comes into play, Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz says. “That’s a pretty big hit to the consumer.”
Slowing Market, Product Cadence Won’t Hamper Ford in 2017, Officials Say
Ford won’t make a big new-product splash until 2018 and beyond, but with a handful of key updated models, service initiatives such as Quick Lane and a still strong retail environment, officials express confidence as they head into the new year.
Fields Says Talked Fuel Economy, Trade, Oval Office Décor in Meeting With Trump 1
Detroit automakers lobbied for a single fuel-economy standard nationwide that would eliminate requirements such as separate electric-vehicle sales bogeys in California and 11 other states.
Incentives, Used-Car Market Trends Worry Analysts
Slowing new-vehicle demand and falling used-car values threaten to set off a pricing spiral in the U.S. market.
Audi: Dealers Should Embrace EV Movement
The U.S. importer plans to introduce three new battery-electric vehicles in the U.S. by 2020 and President Scott Keogh knows the brand will need its dealer body behind the effort if it is to be successful.
Long-Term Loans, Fleets Concern Honda’s Mendel
“We made an incredible recovery as an industry, but I am afraid many have lost sight of how we got here,” the executive says.