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VW Looks to Build MEB-Based Electrics in North America
A U.S. production site appears likely, but the automaker may be delaying a decision on a new dedicated-EV plant in part due to uncertainty over NAFTA.
Nissan’s U.S. Dealers to Get Their Brazilian Kicks
The B-segment Kicks represents the first new nameplate from the automaker in eight years and extends Nissan’s lineup in the growing CUV sector.
VW’s Electric MEB Platform About More Than Just Powertrain
While the shift in focus to electrics initially may have been motivated by VW’s Dieselgate emissions scandal, it appears the strategy now goes well beyond plugging holes in the automaker’s lineup, to changing the very way its vehicles are bought and sold.
BMW Wants to Drive Autonomous-Vehicle Movement
The automaker peels back the curtain on its mobility gameplan and argues it’s in a better position than most to lead the way into the future.
VW Adds R-Line to Tiguan CUV
Special wheels, trim and interior treatment highlight the new models.
The Big Story: For EV Batteries, Future Is Now
Developers are working feverishly on solid-state, lithium-air and other advanced technologies, but the growing manufacturing infrastructure, improving range and rapidly declining costs are making Li-ion batteries tough to beat.
BCG Now Bullish On EVs
The consultancy says cost declines will make battery-electric vehicles an attractive purchase for consumers post-2025. Until then, continued government pressure – and incentives – will be needed to prop up demand.
U.S. NAFTA Demands Not Deal Breaker for Canada, Depending on Return 2
One trade official says calls for 50% U.S. content could be met, depending on the price the Trump Admin. is willing to pay.
NXP’s New Computing Platform Promises to Speed Vehicle Development
Still a year before its product-validation release, the new microprocessor appears to be a huge hit. Eight of the top 15 automakers around the world already have committed to using the technology in upcoming vehicles.
UX Complicated, And Likely to Become More So
Vehicle designers will have even more to think about as new data-gathering capabilities emerge, populations shift and buyers demand a social experience inside their cars.
HMI Formula Calls for Just Right Dose of Communication
Passengers will want to feel safe in the autonomous vehicles of the future, and that means they will need assurance the car knows what it is doing. But too much information can be detrimental, industry insiders say.
Fleets, Hurricane Drive Ford’s U.S. Sales Gain in September
The automaker says about a third of its sales increase can be credited to post-Harvey demand in Houston, but even without that bump the market overall was strong in the month.
Winning Subaru Impreza Sets Bar on Vehicle-to-Driver Communication
The car’s ability to indicate what it sees and what it is about to do is unparalleled, making for a relaxing, confident drive. Other automakers should copy the formula – immediately.
Big-Truck Industry Must Wait for Own Autonomous-Testing Law 1
Proposed regulations around commercial-vehicle testing were left out of congressional bills regarding autonomous-vehicle development after a lobbying effort from labor unions opposed to the legislation. But the Senate Commerce Committee’s top Democrat promises big-truck makers won’t be forgotten.
Nissan Takes Armada Fullsize SUV Up a Notch
Unveiled at the State Fair of Texas, the new Armada Platinum Reserve will hit U.S. dealerships nationwide in late October with a base price of $61,690.