Dave Smith

Editor at Large

Long-time WardsAuto editor, Dave Smith continues to keep a finger on the pulse of the U.S. auto industry. He writes about people, technology and other subjects that drive the business sector.


Wankel Engine Catalyst for 45-Year Relationship With MBS
MBS for years has attracted 1,000-plus attendees and dozens of media types at the Grand Traverse Resort, but in 1972 the confab was staged at the Park Place Hotel in downtown Traverse City, and there were only about 30 attendees.
VW’s Commercial Tawdry; Kia’s Funny
The Volkswagen commercial aims to elicit chuckles, but can be best described as tawdry, R-rated and somewhat shocking for mainstream TV.
Olympian Bolt Could Jolt Chevy EV Sales 2
Chevy could have fun showing the Bolt outpacing other EVs against a backdrop of the sports hero doing the same against his competition.
Kia’s Crowning Achievement
Kia finished on top in the recently released J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey covering the first 90 days after purchase of a new ’16 model, beating out heavyweights such as Porsche, Toyota, BMW and even Lexus.
Former Chrysler CEO Riccardo Linked to Iacocca, K-Car Success
Riccardo joined Chrysler in 1959 and moved quickly up the ranks. He ultimately stepped aside for eventual company savior Lee Iacocca, but he gets some credit for financing key products that were critical to the automaker’s recovery.