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Sales Trainer & Recruiter,
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Darin George is a sales trainer and recruiter for ASC, www.visitasc.com. He is the Author of Sales Training – Automotive Edition and Sales Process - Can You Sell Me a Pen? available at www.barnsandnoble.com He is at darin@visitasc.com


Car Dealership Salespeople Should Lose the Bicycle Helmet
Failing to properly close a deal is as bad today as it was in pre-Internet days.
Six Steps to Closing More Car Deals 5
It’s only a worksheet, but it’s your worksheet. Used right, it will help you sell lots of vehicles.
5-Step Plan on Asking for the Sale 1
Too much pressure will blow the sale. Not enough pressure will blow it, too.
Make Good First Impression Every Time 7
Bad greetings by salespeople are met with negative customer responses 70% of the time. Avoid that.
Is Your Sales Manager Any Good? 4
If sales managers are lousy, the entire sales staff will be all over the map.
Ask Questions to Learn Customer Needs, Wants 1
Dealership staffers sell more cars and make more money when they specifically know what shoppers want.


Make Good First Impression Every Time
October 15, 2014

Of course what you said is 100% right and there is a lot more to be added as well. This article is only the greeting.
As for getting the persons name, its just much more...

Is Your Sales Manager Any Good?
October 5, 2014

Thanks Adam
Everyone has an off day now and then....but this not the business for people that can not be on their game at least 90% of the time.
This is not the...

Dead Rockers Enliven Today’s Car Ads
October 1, 2014

Very cool article Steve.....