C. Schweinsberg

Senior Editor,

Christie Schweinsberg is senior editor for WardsAuto.com covering the Japanese and Korean automakers including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai/Kia and Subaru.


Eco Go? Eco No.
Getting rid of Eco mode is easy for those who A) know it exists, B) know what it does, and C) know where to find the off button.
A New Toyota/Mazda Plant? Trump Has These Two Running Scared 1
Toyota says it will add Tacoma production to Guanajuato to fill the void left by the Corolla. But does it need another 200,000 Tacomas?
I Drove a Chinese Car; American Auto Workers Have Reason to Worry 14
Poor quality that would hamper sales and brand acceptance is what many expected from the first made-in-China light vehicles sold in the U.S. Not a $50,000 near-luxury CUV.
Hyundai Making Progress on CUVs, Although Maybe Not Fast Enough
Sales of the Korean brand’s CUVs have risen sharply this year in the U.S., but still lag the industry leaders.