Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ($30,495)
Too much cheap, black plastic, disappointing leather and a headliner that feels like cardboard.

Nissan Murano ($41,905)
Upscale, dramatic approach to mainstream segment. Only concern is how cream-colored interior looks after a year.

Ram ProMaster city van ($26,365)
Fits the bill as a really nice cargo van or down-market minivan. Lots of headroom, but not much legroom.

Subaru Legacy ($25,984)
Tremendous value, with loads of content. Some styling flourishes may have put this interior on the list.

Subaru Outback ($36,385)
Great new display screen and HMI (same as on Legacy), and EyeSight camera system enhances safety. Functionally sound.

Subaru WRX ($29,639)
Black interior needs color splashes from hot red exterior. Next-generation WRX should get new HMI.

Toyota Camry ($35,768)
Great to see Toyota taking interior design chances with America’s best-selling sedan, but it lags behind Mazda6.

Toyota Sienna ($44,953)
Comfortable and utilitarian, but cheap wood trim and dull gray upholstery signal need for new minivan interior strategy.

VW Touareg ($60,080)
Scored well with top-notch materials, outstanding ergonomics. But can VW compete with BMW, Mercedes?